Manuka Honey – Queen Bee 12+ Active


Glass Jar – 340g

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QueenBee is premium Active Manuka Honey from New Zealand, and is a delicious, smooth, creamed honey. This grade of QueenBee has been certified by laboratories in New Zealand for the unique active enzymes to have a Bio-activity rating of Active 12+, and is harvested from the rural uncultivated areas of New Zealand where the Manuka bush grows wild in a pollution free environment.


  • Offers a medium level of protection for your body and immune system to help deal with the stresses of everyday life.
  • Ideal for those who may need additional support getting over colds & viruses or feeling run down.
  • Great for the older generation along with those who may be less mobile in helping support their immune system particularly against viruses, coughs & colds.
  • Quickly soothes inflamed bowels or upset stomachs.
  • Bio-Activity rating is certified at Active 12+ using the ‘Total Activity of the Phenol’ Equivalent.
  • High Quality reputable source, traceable back to the hive in New Zealand.



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