Pilau Biryani – Shan


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Cooking Instructions: 1. In 1-2 glasses of water add meat, ginger, garlic and Shan Pilau Biryani Mix. Cover and boil on low heat until the meat is tender (when the meat is tender about 1 cup of stock should remain in the pot.If it is  less add water, if more increase heat to reduce it). 2. Then pour the yogurt over the cooked meat. 3. Separately: In 12 glasses of boiling water stir in 2 tablespoons Shan Salt and then add the soaked rice. Boil the rice until more than half cooked. Remove from heat and thoroughly drain. Then mix the milk in the rice. 4. Spread the rice over the meat. Then sprinkle the dry food color over it. Make the ghee hot add fry slice onion until golden. Sprinkle over the rice. Cover and cook on low heat until the rice is tender. Mix the meat rice before serving.

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