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Blog Post

The New Look HDS Store Is Now Open!

After weeks of working away behind the scenes, we have finally finished our new website… and here it is!

We knew our first website was a little cumbersome and hard to use, and it didn’t quite fit with the level of quality we wanted to deliver. We went back to the drawing board and ended up creating what you see now. Do you like it?


I’s a lot easier, cleaner, and more functional all round.

All of our grocery and meat products can be viewed and added to your basket without leaving the page, aisle, or recipe that you are looking at. Our checkout flow couldn’t be simpler, and our customers can enjoy the same great shopping experience at any time with a phone, tablet, or computer.


We’re excited for this year and beyond, and we look forward to your custom and your feedback.

Besides the website, we’ve been refining our daily procedures and order processing to better ensure a quality and consistent experience for our customers.

We really do care about service, and we want you to pleasantly surprised when your order arrives at your door. We can let you know by call or text when your order is on it’s way to you, to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


If you do find anything not working, feel free to let us know and we can fix it right away. Who know’s maybe we’ll put a credit on your account as a thank you!



Thanks to Shabeena B. for pointing out an issue with the refer a friend page!