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Saeb Safarchand – App  6 – 8 Apples/kg

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This honey sweet apple is a special treat all on its own. Also known as Yellow Apples, West Verginia Apples,  Saeb,safarchand. These are the sweetest of all varieties and are eaten raw as well as used as cooking apples. These are best used in salads to give a variety to color and flavor of a mix fruit salad. It is also used widely in preparing Apple Sauce and puddings due to its sweetness. These apples can be chopped and added in mix fruit juices to give a wholesome blend of colorful mix fruit juice or fruit cocktail. They can be sliced thin and spread over apple pudding, or apple cake , as dressing, just to give a loud to the recipe. Yellow apples can be cored and stuffed with various fillings or may be used as a topping to decorate any dish.

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