Whole Lamb Aqiqah – Large


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Net app: 17 – 18kg

Whole Lamb Aqiqah - Large £195.00

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After the birth of a child, Muslim parents often host the Aqiqah, or welcoming celebration, at their home or a community center. The aqiqah is always hosted by the parents or extended family of the newborn child. In order to provide a community meal, the family slaughters one or two lamb, sheep or goats. Traditionally one lamb, sheep or goat for girl and two for boy. We require the name of the new-born child and the fathers name. This information is passed on to the slaughterman and is read-out at the time of Zabiha. Cut size will be according to your order or any additional requirement please email us or phone on 07796946460. May Allah bless your child with a long life filled with happiness.

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