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6 Sachets Economy Pack – Instant Herbal Tea, effective remedy for catarrh, cold, cough and physical fatigue. The physicians of the past made an effective prescription of Joshanda for catarrh, cold, cough and fever. Qarshi R & D Cell has succeeded in preserving the effective ingredients of Joshanda in the form of granules. Ingrdients:  Glycyrrhiza glabra, Ext.42.55 mg, Adhatoda vasika.21.27 mg, Hyssopus officinalis21.27 mg, Starch21.27 mg, Thea sinensis10.63 mg, Soma kalpa10.63 mg, Mentha piperita Ext.2.86 mg, Foeniculum vulgare,Oil2.86 mg, Eucalyptus globulus, Oil0.77 mg