Karahi – Iron


Size – 12 inch

Karahi - Iron £29.99

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Size – 12 inch.  Heavy duty iron karahi. Ideal for Asian cooking, Frying etc. Traditional iron karahi with round base and strong riveted handles. Before using first time clean any protective oil applied by the manufacturer to protect metal from rusting and for safe transit. It is important to Season a new Karahi before first use.To season it, Heat the Karahi for a few minutes until its entire surface is hot. Using a heat-proof brush (e.g., the type for barbecuing) or a piece of cloth, brush your lard or palm oil in a thin layer over every inch of its surface. You can also use an oil with a high smoking point such as peanut oil or corn oil, but you will find it more difficult to get an even coating; the high smoking point minimizes oil fumes. Tilt the Karahi from side to side, subjecting the entire surface to intense heat to burn the oil into it. After burning a few minutes all around, turn the heat off and let the pan cool completely to room temperature. Repeat the foregoing steps a few more times. When the karahi has developed enough of a tacky, oily surface that does not look dry when heated up, you may begin to use it for cooking.