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The pea is a quintessential summer vegetable grown in pods, which makes it naturally tender. Unlike mangetout, the pods are not edible as they are too tough to eat. Baby pea varieties are known as Petits Pois. Fresh peas are used in various dishes such as aloo matar (curried potatoes with peas) or matar paneer (paneer cheese with peas), though they can be substituted with frozen peas as well. Peas are also eaten raw, as they are sweet when fresh off the bush. In Chinese cuisine, pea sprouts are commonly used in stir-fries. Nature packages green peas in several different forms all of which have a vibrantly delicious flavor, wonderful texture and a wealth of health-promoting nutrients. They are a very good source of vitamin K and dietary fiber. Green peas also serve as a very good source of folic acid and a good source of vitamin B6.

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