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Book your 2017 Qurbani with Halal Direct Scotland

We are delighted to announce and present our Qurbani 2017 offerings!

We’ve locally sourced high quality lamb, sheep and cattle for Qurbani here in Scotland. During selection we took a great care that all animals fulfill the requirements for Qurbani and know that our customers will be delighted by joining HDS for Eid!

To book and buy your Qurbani we need the name or names (In case of Beef Qurbani) of person who is going to do the Qubani and his or her name will called at the time of Zibah. Soon after Zibah animal will be tagged with a unique number. That unique number will represent your name or names (in case of Beef Qurbani) and identify your Qurbani animal.

Your Qurbani animal will be slaughtered after 10am on the first day of Eid. Please offer your Eid Salah before 10am.

According to meat industry regulations before transportation carcases (meat) has to be chilled at certain temperature and it takes at least 4 – 5 hours then we can cut the meat. We will do our best to deliver same day within Glasgow area. For Beef Qurbani we will start delivering from 2nd day of Eid.

For more informations please phone 01414238880 OR 07796946460


We now offer the option to donate the third part of your Qurbani directly to Glasgow Central Mosque, or wherever most needed. We will deliver two thirds of your Qurbani directly to you, and donate the third part on your behalf to a Mosque foodbank who will distribute your donation to the needy for you.

The choice is available on our Lamb, Sheep & Beef Share product pages.

If you have any further special requests or requirements, you are invited to let us know during the checkout process.



Lamb & Sheep Qurbani Choices




Lamb Qurbani

Order Your Qurbani Lamb
Only £150

18 – 20 Kg

Free Delivery

Option to donate third part




Sheep Qurbani

Order Your Qurbani Sheep
Only £170

25 – 30 Kg

Free Delivery

Option to donate third part





Beef / Cattle Qurbani Choices




Beef Share

Order Your Beef Share
Only £135

22 + Kg

One equal share of 7

Free Delivery

Option to donate third part





Whole Cattle

Order Your Qurbani Beef
Only £900

175 -200 Kg

One cattle = 7 Offerings

Free Delivery

Perfect for whole family