Radish White (Mooli)


White Mooli

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Mooli is a large white radish with a mild pepper flavour which can be grated and added to salads. Radishes are usually eaten raw; however, they can be added to cooked dishes such as soups, or pickled, or heated and served as a whole vegetable. When you’re serving them, you can soak radish in ice water for an hour or two for extra crispness; or you can braise thin-sliced in a bit of sesame oil and serve hot for an Oriental treat. Potassium can help lower your risk of kidney stones and strokes, and radishes along a diet high in other fruits and vegetables can significantly lower your risk of multiple sclerosis. It relieves gastric discomforts. It acts as expectorant and are stimulant. A 100gram serving only contains 15 calories, giving 34% of the Recommended Daily Allowance for Vitamin C.

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